Wednesday, June 30, 2010

July Club Wines!

Lets just come out and say it: South Africa wines Rock!! Ok, so the US didn't fair as well as we hoped in the World Cup, but seriously we must give a nod to this amazing wine region and the life, passion and zest for which these wines are produced. Club members, your wines are in and ready for you... we look forward to seeing you soon... Our club meet-up and social is Friday July 9th from 6 - 8:30pm.

Here are our tasting notes:

FireFinch Sauvignon Blanc 16.99
(Robertson, South Africa)

You know you have the makings of a good wine when the ravenous SA finches which, driven by their superior sense of smell and taste, fully devour the grapes at their peak of ripeness – such as what happens at this Robertson, SA vineyard. This is a wine of pungent tropical fruit flavors, full of ripe richness. It is grown with dedication and made with passion, and has soft, grassy green aromas offering a sharp, fresh and ripe flowery profile to complement its balancing acidity.

Overgaauw Cabernet Sauvignon– 24.99
(Stellenbosch Valley, South Africa)

This Cab would give a Watusi Bull a run for it’s money… and it’s horns. We recommend to decant or otherwise let breathe. Masculine and compelling it shows a bit of barnyard on the nose with spice and white pepper, leather, smoke, blackberry and mulberry aromas. Dang, this is a South African wine in all it’s glory… lush, dirty and dare we say Sexy? Concentrated dark fruit and chocolate are on the approach and the mid -palate is phenominal. The finish fades a bit and then bounces back with a semi-hot persistence full of jam, spice and grity tannin. This wine is definetly cellarable for up to 10 more years, maybe as much as 30. We can’t emphasize enouph to let this wine breathe as it totally evolves throughout the night and could even be a hidden gem in the cellar 20 years from now. Enjoy!

Mountain River Pinotage/Shiraz – 17.99
(West Cape, South Africa)

This wine combines the fruit of Shiraz with the body and muscle of Pinotage (a cross of Pinot Noir and Cinsault). We chose this because of it’s extrodinary uniqueness … not to mention it’s ageing for 12 months in French and American oak barrels. Here is a wine that is soft on the front, supple in the middle and killer on the finish. It shows perfume, vanilla, sandstone, dark cherry and elegance on the nose and approach. In America we are so used to the big nose wines with a dissapointing ending. This wines clearly demonstrates great winemaking and SA terroir. Shall we say the backwards ending… swish this around a bit; everything comes together, the quentisential grity SA terroir, concentrated fruit and rough yet wonderful and persistent tannin on the side that sits and lingers in the mouth saying… chocolate please!

La Cave Merlot – 19.99
(Wellington, South Africa)

“Yes, I’m drinking Merlot”, he said as an aside. La Cave produces it’s Merlot in limited volume and only when the particular vintage is deemed good enough. This 2003 Merlot is cellarable and certainly not your grand mothers boxed wine. We recommend to decant or otherwise let breathe a bit. Big, round, juicy and suculant, this Merlot shows excelent barrel maturity, fat in the middle with toasty vanilla, oak integration, deep dark fruit and a finish that starts hot, wanes then pops on the side saying…yes, can I try again… more please!

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