Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Swirl Wine Club February WInes

Portugal? I’m picturing a cover of a romance novel. Maybe a soap opera where a tall, dark haired, soccer kicking, 20 something male role seductively entices the French maid in the wine cellar of a mystique mansion. Ok, back to reality. But, the wines may, in fact, build on this climax and certainly deliver… they are fantastic. You may be surprised and have never tasted from this area but make no mistake… Portugal wines, albeit winery’s doing it right, are producing phenomenal juice. You be the judge, we think these wines bring it to a whole new level and appreciation of the Portuguese. In the end you are the final answer and PLEASE let us know. Viva la Portugal!

Quinta da Veiga “Casa das Mouras” Douro D.O.C Reserva 22.99 (Douro, Portugal) Are you ready to try premium juice from Portugal? First things first – Portugal is surrounded by water and Spain. Somewhere In the middle, they are producing world class wine. The Douro region lies in the upper eastern portion of Portugal and THAT my friends is an area that produces wines that have the potential to absolutely bring upon epiphany and utter satisfaction. This 2004 Douro is all that. Rated 92 pts by Wine Enthusiast, it is without question a gem that is ready for many to drink now and patiently awaits some for another 3 – 6 years in the cellar or other cool/dark hideaway. Either way, it is fantastic and will only get better. Comprised of only the best and highly selected grapes from the Portuguese classic varietals: Touriga National, Touriga Franc and Tinta Roriz, it was aged in oak for 12 months. Don’t just pull the cork and start drinking… decant it for awhile… 3 – 5 hours, or pull the cork and let it rest overnight until the next evening. On the nose, it’s complex with layers of plum, blueberry, spices, vanilla, chocolate, thyme and medicinal herbs. This wine may just seduce you on the nose alone. In the mouth, it delivers all the promises… silky, smooth, velvety and lush. I’ve EASILY paid over $50 for a wine that doesn’t even come close to being in this league. It really has a great mouth feel. Do you get the warmth with barrel toast… almost roasted cherries drizzled with milk chocolate? The tannins are almost perfectely integrated and lead to a finish that is without question sexy, warm, long, spicy and lingering very well with jam, persistence, and strength. Quinta da Veiga “Murzelo” Douro D.O.C Reserva 19.99 (Douro, Portugal) Hello again Portugal! For some, this may be your new favorite wine! It’s really, really good. 91 pts, this 2006 Douro Tinta produced by Quinta da Veiga is comprised of three classic Portuguese varietals: Touriga National, Touriga Franca and Tinta Roriz. The color is beautiful - Dark red at the core fading progressively to a classic ruby red at the edge. Swirl it around a bit. This wine has legs, is ready to drink now and can be put aside for another 2 – 4 years. Dark chocolate and cherries hits the nose with spice, wild herbs and fragrance… need I say more. The approach is incredibly smooth, elegant and silky with a little earthy component. The middle shows good concentrated fruit along with cinnamon, eucalyptus, a touch of rhubarb and obvious vanilla from oak cask ageing… this wine is incredibly balanced all-around. Cuddle up to the fireplace … the finish is warm, long, enduring and dare I say erotic. I can’t get chocolate covered cherries out of my mind. I think this is THE quintessential Valentines wine and has a serious long lasting finish that brings masculinity and grace together with length, balance and poise. P.S. try with white chocolate and almonds… heck try with any chocolate that you find in the cupboard. Wow! Companhia Das Lezirias “Samora” - 15.99 (Tejo, Portugal) Companhi Das Lezirias produces this absolutely fantastic “Samora” white wine from the Tejo region in south-west Portugal near the acclaimed city of Lisbon. Take a look at the color… it is gorgeous with golden reflections, comprised of two Portuguese grape varietals: Fernao Pires and Arinto. This 2010 Tejo is beautiful and fresh. Swirl it around a bit and check out this wine. It coats the glass and has a wonderful weight – maybe a good indication of residual sugar? Lets see. Get a good nose on it – reminds of sweet honey, crème brulee and obvious citrus. Here’s what it does for me: The approach is like silk and butter… can’t make up my mind. One of our club members created a word that I think sums it up best: Nummy. This wine is certainly nummy with a delicate and sweet beginning. It is very balanced too with a well rounded and creamy mid palate showing just a touch of vanilla and spice. I think this wine is awesome on its own but I’d also definitely pair it with Sushi, Spicy Thai/Asian cuisine and any down-home southern style Cajun eats. The acidity is, in my opinion, perfect and the finish brings a bit of lemon peel and sweetness to the finale with an equally balancing alcohol on the back. I really love this wine. I think that it may bring a few red wine only drinkers back to their roots of white wine. I also think that white wine drinkers are going to go crazy over this and that even non-wine drinkers are going to really like the easy approach and sweet subtlety to this wine. Hmmm… Nummy! Bouza Tannat 2008 18.99 (Montevideo, Uruguay) This wine is 100% Tannat. Nose is thick under ride plum skin. Slightly opaque with a hint of lush dense purple. The nose is Molten blueberry pie...if you don’t know what I mean go up north, pick wild blue berries, make a homemade pie, cut it see??!! The pallet really matches the nose with more “blue” fruits yet there are many “red” fruit layers trying to reach the surface - very sturdy and tightly locked up. This is a young wine that is very well put together, gripping fruit tannins that linger and expand long after the wine goes down. This wine will improve in the bottle over the next 5-7 years. I recommend decanting for 3 hours to loosen the compact fruit pallet. After thought...these wines are cooler climate than say Argentina so fruit isn't stretched, forward, or jammy...they are grittier, and more compact...great food wines! Require some time to open and soften... Bouza Chardonnay 2009 18.99 (Montevideo, Uruguay) The Bouza vineyard is in the region of Las Violetas, a traditional vine growing area, 39 kms north of downtown Montevideo and the River Plate. Their vines are selected for high quality and low yields. Of their vines, they only use grapes that achieve adequate quality standards. They aim to have well ventilated fruit, with good diffused light, along with a careful guide of the canopy with maximum sun exposure. This specific Chardonnay is clean clear slightly golden glimer of unripe banana. The nose is roasted marshmallow, crème brulee, toasted minerals. Pallet is a surprise! Great chablis style fruit and citrus acidity. Mid pallet is full, definitely not an over oak chard...underlying notes of same Roasted marshmallow, crème bruele, toasted minerals...but is nicely in the background. Mid pallet shines with peaches pears and event hints of green apple peal! Finishes minerally and fresh. Requires a good 30-45 minutes to open up. Best served at 60 degrees, not chilled...great winter weather white!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Swirl Wine Club January Wines

Happy New Year! This month,Swirl wine club tours Northern Italy. This is such a fantastic area and so difficult to choose. In the same breathe, we think you are going to absolutely LOVE this months wine selections. Of course, we went to Piedmont and have selected 3 fantastic wines from that region: Nebbiolo, Barbera, and Brachetto. The new year could not be celebrated without a little bubbly too, so we have included an absolutely fantastic Prosecco from the Veneto. Below are our tasteing notes for the wines. Enjoy!! Not a club member yet? Visit and get started today. You will be glad you did. Happy new year once again. We know you will enjoy the wines and we wish you all a blessed and prosperous 2011.

Gomba Boschetti Nebbiolo d’Alba D.O.C. “Albie” 22.99 (Alba, Piedmont, Italy) Ahh, the great Nebbiolo, King of Piedmont grapes which create two of the most iconic wines on earth: Borolo and Barbaresco. Yes, you are drinking a wine that we somehow worked into the wine club that is grown on the Boschetti hillside, overlooking the town of Borolo. First things first with this 2008 Nebbiolo – let it breath!! I would recommend to pop the cork (sorry, ease it) and let it sit in the bottle overnight (12 – 24 hours). If that’s just too much planning, definitely decant it for a few hours. For you Riedel wine glass snobs (yes, I’m one too) try it in the Pinot Noir stem…huge difference! One last thing, if you can bare the wait, I’d definetly let this bottle rest for 3-5 years in the cellar or basement… or better yet, try a bottle each year. I think you will be amazed at this wine (although a bit more of a modernistic style) it has a ways to go until it matures. By the way, this is an incredible food wine when paired with pungent cheeses or savory pasta. On to some tasting notes – Not yet rated, although previous vintages have received 90+ pts. You can see the earthiness in its color; Persian red at its core, fading to a brick-orange hue at the rim. The nose shows off cherry, strawberry, roses, and medicinal herbs. At first impression, its fruit and refined grace is accented by a bit of spice leading to a mid-palate with good acidity and young tannins, adding structure and body. The finish is traditional, not an Arnold Schwarzenegger, over the top, oak influenced, new-world shazam finish. It is much more poetic, patient and elegant with femininity. Breathe… close your eyes and let the finish set in. Have you ever watched the sun set over the Mediteranean? Get ready for beautiful! Clara C Fiori Di Prosecco Rose 16.99 (Valdobbiaden, Veneto, Italy) Cheers to 2011! We couldn’t celebrate the New Year without a little bubbly… let alone pink and sexy! This sparking rose has a GREAT story - Clara Carpenè created an innovation in a world of tradition: a Prosecco from a woman for the women. Her family has an extraordinary role in the history of Prosecco; in fact, she is the great-granddaughter of the man who first decided to make this wine and started the production of Prosecco, and the daughter of Antonio Carpenè, who invented the Prosecco as business in the 1940's. Born from a patient selection of grapes, under the constant care of experts, Fiori di Prosecco of Cantinae from Clara Carpenè s.a.s. has all the natural richness of a generous territory, located on the wonderful hills of the Prosecco di Conegliano-Valdobbiadene D.O.C., near Treviso, in the Veneto Region. This is an ideal place for the Prosecco vineyards. Here Fiori di Prosecco was born, with its fine bubbles and an intense perfume of acacia flowers and rose petals, with a soft sensation of wildflowers. This is a festive wine that can accompany every occasion. It is ideal as an aperitif and simply perfect during a meal. It is the tradition of Prosecco even today. Gomba Boschetti Barbera d’Alba D.O.C. “Traifilari” 22.99 (Alba, Piedmont, Italy) Who doesn’t love Barbera? One of Piedmonts classic grape varietals. California and others are replicating it, but in my opinion there is rarely a substitute for quality Barbera straight from the heart of Alba. This 2008 Barbera d’Alba is simply fanatstic... 89 pts at that. Once again, decant or otherwise let it breathe – for awhile. This is one of my favorite wines with chocolate. Uncork now or age up to 5 years. It’s nose is intense and draws you in; bing cherries, blackberry, spice, earth, smoke and funk. Ripe red fruits and searing acidity start off the bat with a lush middle balanced in its smooth texture with raspberry and spice. Its 12 month layover in fine-grain French oak cask is evident on the finish as it pulls everything together in a finale that lingers like the energizer bunny, makes your hair stand up and crave another sip. Gancia Brachetto d’Acqui D.O.C.G. 19.99 (Acqui, Piedmont, Italy) 3 Red club members - we think you’re going to LOVE this festive frizzante wine… it’s our node to the New Year and celebrations to come! Brachetto is the grape varietal and it’s considered an authentic treasure of the local winemaking area. Elegant and pleasantly sweet thanks to its high quality and delicate characteristics. It is a very light, sweet bubbly that is jam pack with crisp notes of fragrance, watermelon and strawberry. A chocolate lovers dream-come-true! And for a sure-fire way to put a smile on your face, pair it with chocolate covered strawberries on a romantic night, or just enjoy in a new year relaxing bubble bath on your own or with your loved one. Mmmm…. we love this wine. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Swirl Wine Club - One Month Membership

Happy Holidays! Welcome to the Swirl Wine Club! Below are the 2 wines selected for your Groupon introduction to the Swirl Wine Club. These are fantastic wines from South Africa with a combined value of $45. But don't think that you got a great deal on the wine alone. Wait until you see all of your club member benefits! For all the membership benefits and much more, visit Enjoy!

David Frost Cabernet Sauvignon $24.99
(Paarl, South Africa)

Unlike many athletes or celebrities who lend their name to a brand, professional PGA Champion golfer, David Frost has a true passion and respect for wine and the process of producing world-class wines. Here’s to South African Cab! A little dirty, distintive spice and toasty from it’s 18 month layover in New French Oak. There is nothing soft and subtle about this wine. Good muscle, it brings a certain masculinity to the forefront with a rough mouthfeel and edgy tannin structure with a Cherry fruit profile. Not used to this style of wine? Try with chocolate. Wow! This is a superb and complex wine! The fruit and alcohol content are progressing towards each other in the bottle through it’s Bordeauxesqe maturing process. I’m acutally very surprised and think that cellering this 2003 Cab for another 5 years will be extremely rewarding! I love these unique age worthy wines!!

La Cave Merlot – 19.99
(Wellington, South Africa)

“Yes, I’m drinking Merlot”, he said as an aside. La Cave produces it’s Merlot in limited volume and only when the particular vintage is deemed good enough. This 2003 Merlot is cellarable and certainly not your grand mothers boxed wine. We recommend to decant or otherwise let breathe a bit. Big, round, juicy and suculant, this Merlot shows excelent barrel maturity, fat in the middle with toasty vanilla, oak integration, deep dark fruit and a finish that starts hot, wanes then pops on the side saying…yes, can I try again… more please!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Swirl Wine Club December Wines

Happy Holiday’s! Our December club wines are extremely rare and are frankly well beyond the scope of most wine clubs with an incredible value. This is one of our ways in saying thank you and our gift to you. Enjoy and share with family and friends. We wish you all a blessed and safe holiday season!

Constantia Glen Sauvignon Blanc - $31.99
(Constantia, South Africa)

Sauvignon Blanc Lovers, here you go! 95 pts – International Wine Challenge / 91 pts Wine Spectator. Only 360 cases made, it is almost ridiculous having a wine of this caliber in a wine club for the price. What are the words to describe? Pristine, Fresh, Aromatic, Elegant with character- Love it! This 2008 Sauvignon Blanc is simply outstanding! Lime green color flecked with straw, clear and bright. The nose is complex and sophisticated - immediate impression is that of concentration and flintiness with exuberant aromatic aromas of fresh lemongrass, guava and citrus fruit. A core of well integrated minerality links the youthful fruitiness of the nose to those aromas offering confidence in maturity. This wine has a fine fruit/acid balance and is most certainly a sophisticated wine with its spicy mid-palate and lingering, crisp finish. This is a wine that will age with distinction and is also perfect to drink now.

Peña Roble Crianza - $24.99
(Ribera Del Duero, Spain)

I wish the nose on this wine was oxygen. I’d breathe it all day! 89 pts International Wine Review, less than 1,000 cases produced and only 35 cases imported into the US. This 2004, 100% Tempranillo is a marvelous Crianza aged 12 months in French and American oak barrel. At sight, it is dark – Cherry red hue. The nose is unbelievable – Complex and elegant, good intensity, with red fruit aromas, licorice, toffee and spice. The approach has finesse with good acidity making it also a fantastic food wine. The middle is smooth and balanced with finely sweet and toasted tannins. Close your eyes at the end. I think the finish is incredible, ending with the culmination of it’s red and black fruits, chocolate and balsamic nuances emerging best in the aftertaste and lingering with spice and peppery notes. Decant this wine for sure and be careful on the sediment.

David Frost Wines

Unlike many athletes or celebrities who lend their name to a brand, professional PGA Champion golfer, David Frost has a true passion and respect for wine and the process of producing world-class wines. Swirl is honored to soon be the official on-line retailer of David Frost Wines and we want to give you a great introduction to his wines. David is our friend and I can attest to him rolling up his sleeves as a farmer and having an absolute passion for producing his award winning wines.

David Frost Cabernet Sauvignon $24.99
(Paarl, South Africa)

Here’s to South African Cab! A little dirty, distintive spice and toasty from it’s 18 month layover in New French Oak. There is nothing soft and subtle about this wine. Good muscle, it brings a certain masculinity to the forefront with a rough mouthfeel and edgy tannin structure with a Cherry fruit profile. Not used to this style of wine? Try with chocolate. Wow! This is a superb and complex wine! The fruit and alcohol content are progressing towards each other in the bottle through it’s Bordeauxesqe maturing process. I’m acutally very surprised and think that cellering this 2003 Cab for another 5 years will be extremely rewarding! I love these unique age worthy wines!!

David Frost Merlot $24.99
(Paarl, South Africa)

As I drink this wine, I can’t stop thinking about espresso crusted Beef Ribeye. This wine would be perfect! Once again, showing that dirty component, this 2002 Merlot has a rich, full-body with lovely fresh, plumy fruit aromas and flavors. The sweetness of fruit is balanced by savory oak. A gorgeous mouthful, with firm acidity, a relatively high alcohol and a classic, dry tannic finish.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Swirl Wine Club November Wines

So we all know that Chile is hot right now - producing some great wines and exceptional value. Everyone is drinking Chilean wine but have you had any from the Northern most Viticultural areas? Here lies the Limari Valley. This is a great area and we have selected Tabali wines for this months club. It is one of six main winery's in Limari and is producting fantastic wines that are now getting a lot of attention world wide but have yet to find their way to the Twin Cities... until now. The wines are fantastic and the area is very unique. The vines are planted in the oldest alluvial terrace of the Limarí river, just 18 miles from the Pacific Ocean. These Pacific breezes cool the area and make it ideal for the vineyards. The soil profile is very unique to Chile with a mix a gravels of different sizes, clay and sand, with high concentrations of active calcium carbonates (limestone) and different types of salt, due to the very little amount of rainfall. These Chilean wines are also unique in that many can and perhaps should be tucked away in the cellar for a little longer. We think you're going to love these wines. Viva Limari and Enjoy!

2008 Tabali Reserva Carmenere - $24.99
(Limari Valley, Chile)

Dave’s one word descriptive: Wow, Spicy, Chocolate, Oak, Smokey, Smooth, Complex, Intense, Finally, Quality, Rock-n-Roll… ok, that’s more than one word J This 2008 Carmenere is concentrated and spicy, like bang-on a tenner; perfect for Fridays, or if you fancy a treat on Tuesday! The color really tells the tail: insane jet black with purple haze. Old world French - Truffles, mushroom, tea leaves and green tomato aromas are evident on the nose, along with the obvious black fruit and chocolate combined with a slight medium toast from barrel. Wow… I LOVE this wine. The palate prances with smoky notes, black fruit, mocha and vanilla from the use of French and American barrels for 12 months… Perfect integration between oak and fruit. Tannins are smooth and juicy, providing a fine long finish. NOTE: Decant or let breath awhile. This wine opens up even more over time and really evolves. Can’t get over it… I love this wine… it will be even better after 3 – 5 years in the cellar.

2009 Tabali Sauvignon Blanc - $16.99
(Limari Valley, Chile)

Incredibly light and refreshing, I am betting this 2009 Sauvignon Blanc will be a big hit! … Parker’s Wine Advocate agrees, giving 90 points! The nose is very elegant with obvious citrus notes, passion fruit and fresh grassy aromas. I love the volume on the front palate with light, fresh grapefruit, steely and mineral – limestone influence. It leads to a lively middle that is crisp and refreshing with a balanced acidity. This wine really stands out on it’s own as a sexy and smooth Sauv Blanc but also a fantastic food wine. On the finish, it dances vibrant and full of life. The wine again is really fresh, crisp and light tying the fruit together very well with a fantastic finish that lingers playfully with elegance and grace. This most northerly Chilean area is both unique and mystical as is this Sauv. Blanc. Enjoy! We think you’re going to LOVE it!

2008 Tabali Reserva Syrah - $19.99
(Limari Valley, Chile)

This reserve 2008 is 100% Syrah from the Limari Valley and should get your attention…. It’s big overall and certainly not your grand mothers boxed Shiraz. The wine is revealed in part at sight: Deep red with black Amherst at the core and throughout with violet showing through. Likewise, decant this wine or otherwise let it breathe. If you can, you want to cellar this for another couple years (up to 5) if you can bear the wait… it definitely has very good ageing potential. Want to drink now? I don’t blame you and I think you will likeJ The nose is as attractive as it is intense, with plumb, black cherry, white pepper, asparagus and herbaceous notes intermingled with all the deep red fruit. This wine is 14.5% alcohol and has a big jammy mouth feel with that deep red fruit and a little spice showing through on the approach. The middle is fat with more dark cherry, leather, smoke, oaky complexity and youthful chocolaty tannins. I think the finish is the best part : 12 months in French barrel shows through with good structure and a remarkably long finish.

2008 Tabali Reserva Pinot Noir - $19.99
(Limari Valley, Chile)

Unlike some 2008 Pinots you may want to wait a year before releasing the cork and raising the glass. Regardless, definitely decant and let it rest for an hour. Steven Tanzer gives this 88 points and it’s certainly worthy of that - Intense and elegant to the nose, with earthliness; red currant and strawberry are definitely highlighted. I love the explosion of sweet red fruit on the front with figs and plumb. The mouth feel is rich and round, full of cherry and raspberry with soft spices and nice acidity overall. The middle shows its soft tannins mixed with toasty hints that arise from being aged for 9 months in French oak barrels making it a round lingering finish wine with medium persistency.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Swirl Wine Club October Wines

News Flash… Israel is producing wine! Really, really good wine at that. Why shouldn’t they? They have had almost more time practicing than anyone else in history and have been making Pinot Noir and other wine since biblical times. Oh how I can’t wait to visit these wineries, walk in the footsteps of the carpenter from Nazareth and drink the juice of this Holy land. I’m almost willing to bet that 90% of you have yet to try wine from Israel. You might be surprised that Israel can produce such great wines in the cool climate of northern Galilee. These wineries have raised the standards of Israeli wine and have put Israel on the map to compete in quality on the world stage of wine. Club members, enjoy!

2006 Galil Mountain Shiraz/Cabernet - 24.99
(Upper Galilee, Israel)

Wow… the benchmark in Israel may be set. Forget everything you think you might know about Israeli wines. This Shiraz/Cab simply rocks! Off the gates, the nose is unbelievable… Bill Hamilton may even roll off his chair. Ripe cherries, blueberry jam, chocolate, pepper, spice and a touch of mint come through all too well. Put to your lips and you know beyond your upper senses that this is a killer wine. Aged for 10 months in our very own Minnesota Oak, this 2006 Shiraz/Cab is perfect right now! The approach is like soft and warm molten lava cake, the middle a fruit bomb with spice to boot, and the finish… hello!… long, jam packed fruit, warm spices, toasty oak and well supported by those silky tannins. This finish is long, solid and worthy of another sip… and more, and more. This is fun stuff. Dang, I love my job. Really? Try this wine and tell me this does not drink like a $40 + bottle of wine at retail.

2009 Golan Chardonnay - 19.99
(Golan Heights, Israel)

Congratulations Israel on producing a world class Chard… dare I say to give Cake Bread a run for their money? No joking… at a Minimum of $25 per bottle less, this 2009 Golan Chard is serious juice from the volcanic plateau of Northern Galilee. With the first breath, you know it’s going to be a beautiful Chardonnay. Golden reflections are at it’s core and throughout. Lightly buttered Orville Redenbacher comes to mind on the nose with a nutty component, toasty vanilla, light apricot and floral overtones. Here’s what I like best: The progression. The approach is light with maybe even tangerine, the middle shows excellent body and is creamy with a natural and classic Chardonnay flavor profile and the finish is rich and creamy with a big time finale of buttery almonds and a really hard to find finish that extends, dips and then lingers again with silk and grace. Chardonnay fans enjoy!

2007 Golan Merlot - 16.99
(Golan Heights, Israel)

Here within the high latitude and cool climate of the Golan Heights lies this soft, approachable and very elegant Merlot. This is certainly not a wine of muscle and might, but more a wine that reflects grace, beauty and the natural inherent features of the classic Merlot and northern Israel terrior. Its color is deep ruby at the core, gently fading only at the edge to a lighter brick red. The nose is pretty with fragrant floral and ripe cherry berry notes rounded out with hints of spice and fresh herbs. This 2007 Merlot is very well structured and actually could benefit from another year or two in the cellar. If you open it now, let it breathe a bit or decant it. It’s ageing for five months in American oak is evident on the palate with vanilla and spice showing through along with elegant tannins and fresh red fruit.

Galil Mountain Cabernet Sauvigon - 19.99
(Upper Galilee, Israel)

This will probably be a Cab for even those that aren’t Cab lovers. Lightly sweet and floral, with rich purple fruits, this is an all-steel-aged wine that underwent malolactic fermentation giving it a very smooth appeal. Personally, I love it!! Far from California style, this 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon represents the king of grape varietals in a very natural and uncomplicated way. It’s color is deep red and garnet and the nose reminds blueberry, cassis, spice and hints of eucalyptus and cocoa. The approach is lively with fresh black fruit. The middle shows a truly gorgeous medium to full body transitioning to this wines best part: The finish - It lingers long and is extremely well balanced with blackberry fruit, cassis and chocolate nuances backed by perfectly integrated tannins.